Build to Close

A seamless close begins with Endpoint

Endpoint pairs innovative technology with a team of industry experts to deliver an effortless real estate closing from start to finish.

$650 per side

* one simple settlement fee

Open House Support

In addition to providing a much smoother closing for agents, buyers, and sellers, Endpoint also offers open house support to maximize your time and energy:

  • Direct to Voicemail Marketing System
  • Contact Information for Neighbors
  • Open House Marketing Flyers and Social Media Posts
  • Flyer Stands and Shoe Covers

Close Effortlessly...

from Start to Finish!

Contact Tiffany Klem 
at (480) 735-4422
or email her at [email protected]

* The simple settlement fee applies to residential sale transactions regardless of the purchase price. Endpoint makes no express or implied warranty respecting the information presented and assumes no responsibility for errors or omissions. All fees are subject to Arizona sales tax as applicable. Additional taxes and fees for other services may apply. Fees are effective as of 7/9/2020. For more information please visit: