$1,299.00 USD

6 Hour Open House Certification Course

Live Coaching via Zoom

The course is taught USING our CMR Method: Create, Market, and Run

Week 1: Creating / Finding /Scheduling Open Houses

  • How to Find Open Houses to Hold Open That Generate Leads
  • Conversations to Have with Listing Agents
  • Fiduciary and Agency Guidelines
  • What To Know About the House Before Marketing /Holding Open
  • Conversations to Have with Sellers About Open Houses
  • The Importance of Having Open Houses on Your Own Listings
  • Running Comps for Open House Listings

Week 2: Marketing Your Open House

  • How to Market Your Open House to Drive Maximum Traffic
  • Importance of Engaging Partners in Marketing Efforts
  • Apps/Technology That Boost Traffic and Lead Capture
  • Timing on MLS and Other Online Search Engines
  • Open Houses Direct - Marketing Landing Page
  • Sign Riders/ Open House Sign Placement / Neighborhood Marketing
  • Preparing for Open House / Open House Box

Week 3: Running Your Open House - Capturing and Converting Leads

  • Setting Up
  • Sign Placement
  • Creating the "Velvet Rope Effect"
  • Lead Capture and Conversion Strategies
  • Conversations That Convert
  • Creating The Right Environment

Additional Materials Provided: Check-In Scripts, Follow Up Scripts and Campaigns, Open House Checklists, MARKET SPECIFIC Lead Conversion Strategies, and MORE

This program will show you not only the easiest way to generate leads... but also, the most enjoyable way to prospect.