Open House Masters Certification Program

A 6 HOUR Comprehensive Course Taught Live

via ZOOM

The next Open House Cerfitication Course will be Wednesday, March 6th, from 9am - 3pm MST. 


What Does Our Certification Program Include?

Our 6 hour EXTENSIVE coaching course and Certification program will train you how to succeed in Real Estate whether you are a new agent or an existing agent wanting to take your business to the next level.

You Will Learn Everything They Didn’t Teach You in Real Estate School!

Open House Certification Course

Coaching, Systems, Support, and Guidance

Our Certification program SIMPLIFIES How to make money in REAL ESTATE and teaches you an easy-to-follow process that will assist you in growing your Real Estate business. Our Certification Course is taught using our Proven CMR Method: Create, Market, and Run.

The course will run for 6 hours, and will be taught once a month via Zoom. 

Our next course is taking place on Wednesday, March 6th, 9am - 3pm MST 

You will learn:

Week 1: Creating, Finding, and Scheduling Open Houses

  • How to Find Open Houses to Hold Open That Generate Leads
  • Conversations to Have with Listing Agents
    Fiduciary and Agency Guidelines
  • What To Know About the House Before Marketing/Holding Open
  • Conversations to Have with Sellers About Open Houses
  • The Importance of Having Open Houses on Your Own Listings
  • Running Comps for Open House Listings

Week 2: Marketing Your Open House

  • How to Market Your Open House to Drive Maximum Traffic
  • Importance of Engaging Partners in Marketing Efforts
  • Apps/Technology That Boost Traffic and Lead Capture
  • Timing on MLS and Other Online Search Engines
  • Open Houses Direct - Marketing Landing Page
  • Sign Riders/ Open House Sign Placement/Neighborhood Marketing
  • Preparing for Open House/Open House Box

Week 3: Running Your Open House - How Capture and Convert Exponentially More Leads At Your Open Houses

  • Setting Up
  • Sign Placement
  • Creating the "Velvet Rope Effect"
  • Lead Capture and Conversion Strategies
  • Conversations that Convert
  • Creating the Right Environment

Additional Materials Provided: Check-In Scripts, Follow Up Scripts and Campaigns, Open House Checklists, MARKET SPECIFIC Lead Conversion Strategies, and MORE

This program will show you not only the easiest way to generate leads...
but also, the most enjoyable way to grow your business exponentially.

Our Next  Course Takes Place on 

March 6th 9 AM - 3PM MST

It's Time to Invest in Yourself and Your Business!


Here’s How Our Strategies Helped Our Clients Close More Escrows and Grow Their Businesses...

My experience coaching and following their system has been invaluable. They have proven simple methods and procedures that work beautifully. I really appreciate the support and guidance they provide. I wish I would have started sooner because I would have had more leads and more money in my pocket in a more effective and efficient way. I highly recommend it!

Nicole Kleppe
REMAX Realty

I do not see doing open houses any other way. I had no idea what I was doing and now I am so confident in my ability to convert my open house leads into sales! Ever since I joined the coaching, I have easily tripled my income. I have got so good at the proven CMR Method that I have agents calling me to host their open houses and am now a known open house expert in my community.

Angel Harris

Being a part of Open Houses Direct and the coaching program has helped me to be more comfortable holding open houses and talking with clients which has directly led to an increase in my business! I always feel supported in every aspect of the real estate business with Shannon and the team.

Krista Walker
Keller Williams

The Open House Masters Coaching Program has really given me a lot of extra tools and training that I need to host my open houses. My level of confidence and knowledge has skyrocketed. I’m super glad I took her course and would do it again in a heartbeat. Shannon has been an awesome coach; I've learned a lot and she has been there for me every step of the way!

Jake Youngs
Realty Executives

I was exposed to the open houses direct model and very intrigued by the system that I bit the bullet and paid the full amount to join the coaching. As a U S Navy veteran almost 70 years old and quite technologically challenged I was able to Master the system with the help of Shannon and her team and am now able to do open houses in total confidence. Thus far, I have 2 buyers who are looking to purchase within the next 60 days at a price point of $1,000,000+. Additionally, I showed the Open Houses Direct program to a potential seller who found the program so impressive that I did NOT have to continue with a typical "listing presentation" because they were ready to sign a listing agreement.

ClaireMonique Bernadel
Berkshire Hathaway

Open House Masters has really helped launch my career to the next level and has allowed me to hone in on a new skill. I was hesitant to join the coaching at first but am so happy I did because now I am closing deals after deals and have become so busy!

Lindsay Mazzola
EXP Realty

I’m used to doing open houses the old school way and so I struggled at first but the more I worked with Open Houses Direct the more I became impressed with the product and the systems and what it can do for you as an agent. With the Open House Masters program, I was able to get a game plan in place and run my open houses 1,000 times better and more effectively.

Steve Russell
Keller Williams

Open Houses Direct is the most logical system for hosting open houses. Registering potential viewers with a verified number before they can enter the home adds a level of safety and security for the host and the homeowner that a paper registration form does not provide. Shannon and the entire team at Open House Masters are so great to work with and provide outstanding training and customer service.

Karen Nielson
Realty Bliss & Investments Corporate

Shannon and her team were nothing but helpful! Within 2 weeks of starting the open house program I was able to start making offers with a new client. Throughout the time I was part of the program, I've been able to get helpful tips to take my business to the next level. They were a wealth of information and if you're looking to build more relationships, you're in the right place!

Stephen Levesque
eXp Realty

I am a new agent and Open Houses Direct has been a great way to get leads and follow up with them. Using the app to check people in is fast and easy. I like meeting people in person and building a relationship with them instead of cold-calling strangers. Through the Open House Masters coaching classes, I have learned a lot about the real estate market and how to write a winning offer. Shannon and the team have helped me create a strong foundation for my business.

Lisa Begey

Open House Masters is a game-changing program for me. The personal help given has shown me how to increase my Real Estate business enormously.

Nina Goldsmith

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