$100k in 100 Days is as simple as generating the right leads that convert into escrows.

Learn our proven strategies for Lead Generation and Lead Conversion through several different methods and strategies.


As a Realtor, whether a new or a seasoned one, you want to make more money and grow your business. 

But how can you grow without listings?⁣

We can teach you how to generate more leads and close more escrows, even if the listings aren't yours!⁣ 

Our Workshops teach you just that...

How to attract, capture, and convert more buyers' and sellers' leads, even in this market with fluctuating inventory! Unlike other workshops, we guarantee that you will double or even triple your income.

We'll Teach You:

  • How to Generate and Convert More Leads in the Today’s Market with Today’s Buyers and Sellers
  • How to Find, Market, and Run Your Open Houses to Attract More UNREPRESENTED Buyers and Convert Them Into Clients

  • Why Marketing Strategies the Traditional Way Don’t Work Anymore - Learn Current Marketing Strategies That Help with Lead Generation, Nurturing, and Conversion
  • How to Manage Your SOI and Turn Your Existing Database Into a Lead-Generating Goldmine
  • In Summary... We Teach You How Simple it Can Be to MAKE MONEY in Real Estate!