The Easiest Way To Market & Run Your Open House

... is with a Fully Automated Marketing and Lead Capture Platform that Guarantees 100% of Leads Go to You. 


Make it easier to Exponentially Grow Your Business Through Open Houses and Stop Losing Over 75% of Your Leads to Zillow,, and Redfin!

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Are you a Realtor® Interested in Not Only Capturing Quality Leads but Converting Them Into Sales?

Tired of EVERYONE coming to your open houses with Realtors... that they found online... off of Your Open House Marketing?

The biggest complaint from Realtors AND Consumers is that they can’t find or connect directly with the person having the open house. Instead they are funneled through websites like Zillow and Redfin, only to be sold to another Realtor, who walks them into your open house!

How Does Our Platform Work?

We are committed to driving more clients to your open houses as well as helping you convert more leads once they come in the door.

Marketing and Running Your Open House Is Now as Easy as 1 - 2 - 3

1. Create Your Open House
2. Market Your Open House
3. Run Your Open House and Capture Leads

We created an in-depth webinar that will walk you through the platform, and strategies we use to generate and convert more buyers' and sellers' leads in any market.

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What Makes Our Platform Different?

Open Houses Direct improves the open house experience by giving potential sellers and buyers an easier way to find your open house, and more importantly find YOU!

With our Direct Connect instant "Call Agent" Feature, consumers can instantly find YOU and communicate with you in real-time!

Marketing your open house on Open Houses Direct will also guarantee more Unrepresented Buyers and Sellers coming through your door.

Our Direct Connect feature allows them to communicate directly with you also if they are running late or want to come early.

Take out the Marketing and Running part. We can teach that to them once they sign up for the platform... in our webinars.

Easy Check-In System:

What’s the hardest part about registering guests at an open house? Valid information AND getting everyone to check-in, right?

Our in-App Guest Book check-in allows buyers to check-In via a QR code or with a manual entry on your phone or tablet. All with VERIFIED Information!

We are committed to driving more potential clients to your open houses and to YOU, helping you convert more leads once they come in the door!

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You Are One Click Away from the Easiest and Most Effective Way to Market & Run Your Open House!

Transform the way you do open houses and close more escrows than you ever thought possible.

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